About Us

Calabasas Online Tutoring began in 2013 as a personal YouTube channel for its founder and current Calabasas High School student, Sam Alcott. Sam released a series of videos on subjects pertaining to math, specifically trigonometry, but over time the channel expanded its library of content.

In 2015, Sam enrolled in Calabasas High School, and decided to redirect the channel to specifically benefit the other students there. Sam then founded the Calabasas Online Tutoring club at his school, where anyone interested in creating educational content could join him in building the channel. The Calabasas Online Tutoring title and logo were created to advertise it at “Club Rush”, an event at Calabasas High School wherein members for newly created clubs are adopted. It was at this event that the club’s Vice President, Alex Cohen, joined the team. The club began very small and has grown very slowly, but over time Alex and Sam have increased the number of members and the size of our library of educational videos.

Our philosophy is that no one understands how students learn better than students. All videos created for Calabasas Online Tutoring are made by high school and middle school students, but that has not limited our depth of content. We hope that we can reach those in need of help, and those passionate for learning. We can be contacted about any suggestions, and we hope you can find what you’re looking for.

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22855 Mulholland Hwy, Calabasas, CA 91302

Room: X-105

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